Billy The Kid Scenario

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Billy The Kid Scenario

Postby Hotrod » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:22 pm

Billy The Kid
Act 1: Captured!
The Cast :
Billy and three Bandits, two of which may have rifles, versus Pat Garrett and three Deputies, two of which may have rifles.

The Story So Far:
Billy the Kid was 13 years old when his mother died in 1872 in New Mexico. After becoming a petty thief to survive, he eventually killed a blacksmith in an argument in August 1877, becoming a fugitive from justice in Arizona. He returned to New Mexico, where he joined a group of cattle rustlers. He became a well-known figure in the region when he took part in the Lincoln County War. Billy’s notoriety grew in December 1880 when the Las Vegas Gazette and The Sun in New York City carried stories about his crimes. These stories attracted the attention of Sheriff Pat Garrett, who with a posse tracked Billy to his hideout at Stinking Springs with three other acquaintances, Dave Rudabaugh, Billy Wilson and Tom Pickett.

The Set: A one-door cabin or other single building in the middle of a plain with no substantial cover in all directions. Four horses are tied outside the cabin, on the left side of the door (Pat Garrett’s right). Pat Garrett calls for Billy and the gang to come out and surrender.

Directions: Billy and his companions are all placed inside the cabin. Pat Garrett and his posse cover the door, a minimum of 20 cm away, with one covering the back side of cabin window if they so choose. If Billy decides to shoot his way out, there are only two windows to shoot from inside the cabin, one on either side of the door facing Pat Garrett. All other sides of the cabin have a single window. The building provides substantial cover for Billy and his gang.
At the end of each complete turn, roll a D10. On 1-5 one horse has broken free because of the gunfire and run off. Remove a horse from the cabin.
Should Billy and the gang attempt to run to the horses, any figure reaching a horse must wait until the following turn before mounting and riding away, since they are providing their own cover fire while struggling to untie and mount the horses. Pat Garrett and the posse get one final shot at all riders who attempt to do so before they are out of range; any hits become immediate wounds and dismounts the rider, forcing them to surrender.
Billy and any survivors have the option to give up and surrender at any time (which is what happened).

Action! Each side uses a full deck of 23 cards. Both sides get two cards in their hand. Deal remaining initiative cards as normal on first turn except to Pat Garrett; remaining turns initiative cards are dealt as normal. Play begins with Garrett calling for Billy to surrender. Then Billy chooses to shoot it out or surrender.

The End: If Billy is able to shoot his way out and escape on horseback or kills Pat Garrett game ends and his player gains one card for next act. If Billy is killed he is considered wounded and surrenders immediately with his gang, Pat Garrett’s player gains one card for the next act. If Billy should choose to surrender prior to any of the above occurring, (which is what actually happened) then the act is a draw and no cards are gained by either side.

Act 2: Escape From Jail!

The Cast: Billy the Kid, one Deputy and two Citizens.

The Story So Far: After being captured by Pat Garrett and his posse at Stinking Springs, (or captured after his escape in Act 1), Billy was held for trial until April 1881 when Judge Warren Bristol sentenced him to hang. According to legend, upon sentencing, the judge told Billy he was going to hang until he was "dead, dead, dead"; Billy's response was, "you can go to hell, hell, hell". After being moved to Lincoln for his hanging, on the evening of April 28, 1881, while Garrett was in White Oaks collecting taxes, Deputy Bob Olinger took five other prisoners across the street for a meal, leaving James Bell, another deputy, alone with Billy at the jail. Now Billy will attempt his escape!

The Set: A jail/sheriff’s office with one or two buildings on either side of it, and equal number of buildings on the other side of the street, with a hotel or diner directly across from the jail. Billy has already killed Deputy Bell and stands at the front door of the jail/sheriff’s office. Deputy Olinger stands at the door of the building across the street to see where the gunshots came from. A horse for Billy to steal is at one of the next door buildings beside the jail. The two Citizens (Citizen’s Vigilance Committee) can be set up at any of the remaining buildings representing the first responders to the gunfire.

Directions: Billy must shoot his way out of town. He will attempt to run to the horse, steal it and ride out of town. Deputy Olinger and the Citizens will try to stop him. Billy must wait at the horse until the next turn before he can mount it and attempt to ride away the following turn.

Action! Each side uses a full deck of 23 cards. The Law side gets two cards in their hand; Billy gets three cards, and any additional card possibly won in the prior act. The Law deals initiative cards as normal; Billy receives two initiative cards and picks the one to use, discarding the other.

The End: If Billy is able to kill the deputy and escape on horseback (which is what happened) the game ends and his player gains one card for the next act. If Billy is killed he is considered wounded and surrenders immediately, the deputy’s player gains one card for the next act. If Billy simply escapes the act is a draw.

Act 3: Death or Ride Another Day?
The Cast: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and one Citizen

The Story So Far: Billy the Kid made his escape killing two sheriff's deputies in the process and evading capture for more than two months. If he was wounded in the prior scene, then he has escaped and is a fugitive once again. Governor Wallace has now placed a new $500 bounty on Billy’s head. Almost three months after his escape, Garrett responds to rumors Billy was in the vicinity of Fort Sumner. On July 14, 1881, Garrett was questioning resident Pete Maxwell, a close friend of Billy's. Around midnight, the pair sat in Maxwell's darkened bedroom when Billy unexpectedly appeared.

The Set: Second floor room in local hotel, other buildings in the town nearby.

Directions: Pat Garrett and Pete Maxwell are in a poorly let room, opposite side of the door. Billy the Kid is placed at the door. Each side is dealt two cards in their hand, along with any additional cards earned from the prior acts. First turn no initiative cards for the figures are needed; deal initiative cards as usual in remaining turns.

Pat Garrett gets initiative first turn as if he has an Ace and shoots first without warning. All hits this act cause targets to receive two under fire markers instead of just one. If using a pistol, Pat Garrett gets two shots the first turn. If still alive, Billy gets to return fire and play proceeds the rest of the act as normal. Billy will attempt to flee only after the first turn.

The End: When Billy the Kid came to the door, he drew his revolver and backing away, asked "¿Quién es? ¿Quién es?" (Spanish for "Who is it? Who is it?"). Recognizing Billy's voice, Garrett drew his revolver and fired twice. The first bullet struck Billy in the chest just above his heart, killing him. In this act, whoever survives wins!

The Law Hits Nerve Shoot HtH Rep Notes
Sheriff 5 2+ 1+ 0 6 1 – Pistol
Marshall 4 3+ 2+ 0 5 0-1 Pistol
Deputies 4 4+ 0 0 2 2+ Pistol, rifle, repeater, two may have shotguns
Citizens 3 6+ -1 -1 1 0-4 Pistol, up to half may have shotguns
Pat Garrett 5 2+ 1+ 0 6 1 – Pistol

I Am The Law: Any Lawman in line of sight with the Sheriff, Hero or Legend gets a +1 to all nerve tests.
And Justice For All: The player may remove a single under fire marker at the end of each turn.

Desperados Hits Nerve Shoot HtH Rep Notes
Boss 5 2+ +1 +1 6 1 – Pistol
Killer 4 3+ +2 0 5 0-1 Two Pistols
Bandits 4 3+ 0 0 2 2+ Pistol, rifle, repeater, one may have shotguns
Low Lifes 3 5+ -1 -1 1 0-4 Pistol, up to half may have rifles
Billy the Kid 4 3+ +2 0 5 Two Pistols

Life Ain’t Worth Spit: May shoot into hand to hand. Draw card, even hits friendly model, anthing else hits enemy. Also ingore nerve test when “Hostage” card is used.
A Hog Killin’ Time: Once per turn at the end of a pistol armed model’s actions, model may take further
shoot action. Shooter receives under fire marker, can’t be used if shooter is in
substantial cover.
Crazy As A Loon: Once per game, delcare this before any models are activated. Models ignore nerve tests
for this turn. Models doing so receive an under fire marker at end of turn.
Two Pistols: Models may have two pistols in which case they ignore an out of ammo result on the shooting
table. This has no effect against the “For a few bullets more” card.
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