French Motorcycle Platoon 1940

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French Motorcycle Platoon 1940

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This topic is for the development of a French Motorcycle Platoon in 1940. Please feel free to comment and help along the way with anything I write here!
From what i can gather the platoon was a little like:
Platoon HQ – 6 men inc VB launcher (3 motorcycle sidecar combos)
2x Groupes de Combat – (5 motorcycle sidecar combos each)
9 men, including 2 LMG and 0-2 VB launcher (dependent on which type of regiment? conflicting information here)

The support weapons are a little more awkward, if we are looking at the weapons available at regimental level, as it depends greatly on which regiments we are talking about.
In a Regiment d'auto mitrailleuses:
60mm Mortar, Panhards and H35/39
In a Regiment de Decouverte (DLM):
60mm Mortar, Panhards
In a Groupe de reconnaissance:
60mm Mortar, 25mm AT guns
Regiment dragon portes:
60mm Mortars, 81mm Mortars, 25mm AT guns, HMGs

Whether we give the option to switch the platoon between one found in a Dragon Portes or a Recon regiment, i'm not sure.
The Recon Platoon could all be given recon, with company support options being 0-1 60mm Mortar, 0-1 AT gun, 0-1 Panhards(up to 2 per slot)?
The Dragon Portes Platoon would lose recon but have company support options as: 0-1 60mm Mortar, 0-1 AT gun, 0-1 81mm Mortar, 0-2 HMGs?
Their Divisional support would be the same and be the standard tank options? Up to 2 Panhards, Renault 35, Somua, H-39

Not sure its worth the hassle of this though? It gives the recon Motorcyclists more armoured cars, and recon, while the Dragon Portes Motorcyclists have access to the increased volume of heavy weapons found in the Dragon Portes regiment. Any comments?
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