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Postby hentzau » Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:32 pm

So just for fun, I put together a dinosaur based gang. I want this gang to be tough, so that it will take several other gangs, well, ganging up on them to defeat them. I'm going to spring these into a convention game at the end of October, thought I would run them by you guys for comment/critique.


Force of Nature: All dinosaur models may move directly into HTH combat without stopping 2cm away

Thick Hide: Tyranosaur and Allosaur cannot be brought down on a roll of 19+. Instead they take two under fire markers.

Ace: Clever Girl! If you have a raptor within line of sight of a model, and another raptor that is not in line of sight of any other opposing model, you can move this hidden model into immediate HTH combat with the first model

King: ROAR!!! The Tyranosaur lets loose with a mighty roar, causing all opposing models within 30cm to make an immediate nerve test or take an under fire marker and immediately move to cover

Queen: SMASH!!! The Tyranosaur smashes into a building, sending debris and glass flying through the building. All figures within 10cm of the point of contact of the tail are attacked with a shooting check at -1. Cover rules apply, movement rules do not.

Jack: Death from Above After winning a round of HTH combat, the Pteranodon siezes it's victim and begins flying. The pteranadon makes an immediate 10cm move forward and upwards.

I need better names for the King and the Queen cards. If someone can come up with ones, I'd appreciate it.

Not play tested at all! Rip it apart, gents!

EDIT: Inserted a static image of the stat block, should make it easier to read.
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