Later Sassanid List

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Later Sassanid List

Postby simon boulton » Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:28 pm

This is a well done list and I like it but have got a couple of questions.

The Zhayedan (Immortals) cavalry unit is equipped with spears and shields but the Clibanarii do not have this option, only to add the kontos, I would have thought maybe this should have this an an upgrade?

Also, my understanding is that the Clibanarii did not always ride barded horses so should maybe have the option to loose the barding?

The Parthian horse archers seem very expensive at 30 points each, especially compared to the Clibanarii who are only 8 points more expensive but have a superior shooting ability, DL, ML and armour.

Many thanks,
simon boulton
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