Some house rules

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Some house rules

Postby Foulksy » Fri May 27, 2016 10:51 am

Dusting off my Dead Man's Hand buildings and figures after a while without playing them I came across these house rules we were using, the randomised movement rules could probably use a bit extra work but they did add an extra 'Hollywood' dimension.

Dead Man's Hand House Rules

Cover; A picket fence or a patch of sage brush don't stop a bullet but fellas sure seem t'like to hunker down behind summat.

Models behind insubstantial cover do not get any protection but all types of cover gives a +1 bonus to Nerve Tests

If the insubstantial cover completely hides a standing model (i.e. no claiming your models is completely hidden by an aspidistra plant because he's lying down) all shots against him are blind and count as 'third shots'

Some cover falls in between the two types in that it provides partial substantial cover and in those cases it counts as substantial cover at long range and insubstantial at any closer range

Climbing Walls and Fences; Sure I can climb over a fence but that ain't no fence, it's the goddam great wall o'China

Obstacles above 25mm cannot be fired over without standing on something (some fences can be said to have loopholes defined as such before game)

Obstacles below 20mm can be crossed without penalty
below 40mm take a full action but existing move action continues on the other side
above 40mm halt movement and require a full action to climb
above 80mm require two actions to climb

Windows and doors; I emptied my gun through the door but all I hit was the wall beyond

Climbing through windows costs the same as crossing linear obstacles

Most internal doors are insubstantial and can be shot through as defined in cover house rules

Randomised Movement and non-combatants; Damn eejits

Until shooting starts non-combatants remain stationary

Western Townfolks
At the beginning of each turn these take one move in a random direction - if that puts them in the line of fire from last move they will halt before entering the line of fire.

Drunken townfolks
Act as regular townsfolk but will stumble into any line of fire they cross and halt.

City Slickers and nincompoops
Move in a random direction at the beginning of the turn, they are not aware of lines of fire and if a gun is discharged within 4” of them they will immediately move away from the gunshot (only one shoot per activation) but will not halt because of line of fire.

Dumb animals
Animals immediately move away (8") from a gunshot within 4” and they make a final additional 8" in the same direction at the end of each turn. These animals will swerve past people in their path unless there is nowhere for them to run then they collide as below.

Some animals go plum loco and move in a random direction regardless of the direction the gunfire came from. Test each animal with D6 whenever the first shot of a activation is fired and on a 1 they go plumb loco. The will collide with anyone in their path. They do not get a second move at the end of the turn..

Colliding Horses make a hand to hand attack with a +4 modifier.
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Re: Some house rules

Postby Mark at GEG » Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:36 pm

I like these, let us know how they get on in the game.

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