Composition of a Late Roman Legion or Auxilliaries

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Composition of a Late Roman Legion or Auxilliaries

Postby Malborough1704 » Wed May 18, 2016 3:08 pm

My reading on the subject of the organisation and composition of Late Roman Legions and Auxilliary Infantry formations suggests they were made up of six centuries formed into three divisions. Amongst those centuries were missile armed troops. Specifically a century of bowmen and a century of javelin men. There is little really known about these legions, but this seems to be the current opinion based on an analysis of the available evidence. This would make a third of the troop missile armed troops and skirmish troops.

The Late Roman Army List under CoE doesn't seem to make any mention or allowance of this, or am I misreading the lists? The legion or auxilliary formation really should have between 25%-30% missile armed troops acting within the legion and yet this does not seem to be reflected in the army list. Missile armed support troop are designated within their own separate formations.

Can anyone cast any light on this, or help me with the army list as it stands.
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