Universal Carrier Platoon OOB for download

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Universal Carrier Platoon OOB for download

Postby Michael_Tems » Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:04 pm

So a friend of mine was looking into doing a British Infantry Platoon all transported in Universal Carriers. After going over the rules with him, I remembered that I had read about a dedicated Carrier Platoon somewhere.

Many hours of researching, typing and retyping I have comprised a complete OOB to use for the Universal Carrier Platoons that were part of the Support Company in British Rifle Battalions.

Comments and constructive criticism is always welcome.

The OOB can be downloaded here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/292 ... latoon.pdf or https://db.tt/WjIggIqN

A special thanks goes out to:
Bayonet Strength: http://www.bayonetstrength.150m.com/Tac ... latoon.htm
Calgary Highlanders: http://www.calgaryhighlanders.com/history/carriers.htm
Crossfire OOBs: http://www.lloydianaspects.co.uk/wargam ... riers.html
And many many more for making the info available to me.
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Re: Universal Carrier Platoon OOB for download

Postby Mark at GEG » Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:47 pm


Have a look at this one on the Downloads page of our website:

http://www.greatescapegames.co.uk/media ... n_1944.pdf

Mark at GEG
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Re: Universal Carrier Platoon OOB for download

Postby Michael_Tems » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:57 pm

Oh I have. I even used it as guideline for the Strategy Rating and Combat Effectiveness.

There is a lot of similarities, just as there is between the British and Canadian Infantry Platoons, but there is also some differences to give each its own feel.

To mention some of the differences:
  • Due to the special doctrines trained by the Carrier Platoons, I gave them a special rule "Universal Carriers" instead of "Stubborn" to better reflect how they were used historically.
  • Platoon Command is represented by 5 men. In fact they were 10 in all, but they only had one Carrier - and 7 motorcycles used by Orderlys. As single men on motorcycles wouldn't really fit in a game of RoE I left them out and only included the 5 men who could be transported in the Universal Carrier.
  • The Platoon can include as many as 4 Carrier Sections.
  • Beyond the compulsory platoon, additional Sections can be added understrength with just 2 of the 3 Carriers. The Carrier Platoon's job was to attack, so they can't take Recon units.
  • Their Company Support includes Vickers MMGs, 3" Mortars and 6 Pounder Anti-tank Guns. All of these were part of the Support Company alongside the Universal Carrier Platoon (as were Pioneers). There were no snipers, so they are not allowed. As every Carrier Section carried a PIAT, it is unlikely additional Tank Hunter Teams armed with PIATs would ever be in support.
  • Every Driver doubled as a mechanic and the Platoon Command included mechanics, fitters and storemen. One of the common modifications made to the Carriers were .30 and .50 caliber MGs replacing the Bren. I included this as an Additional Equipment Option.
  • The Carrier Platoon could spearhead an attack or support practically any part of the Rifle Battalion. For this reason I have allowed them to choose any of the Divisional Support.
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