I miss my ulfhednar...

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I miss my ulfhednar...

Postby Lord Alisk » Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:19 pm

Hello all (again).

Anyway, way back in the days of WAB, I had a small(ish) Norwegian viking army with a fair few ulfhednar (more saga than history accurate, I know, I know...). I know I can use the models as unit upgrades in CoE, but I sort of fancied having them in their own units again too (it least in 'light' games). How would this do as a profile (they are meant to be a reproduction of the WAB rules - which were powerful but costly - I am not sure whether one would use them in regular play):

They are support units

Order MR Shoot Attacks H2H Arm. Kill Hits DL ML Pts models
Open 10 4+ 1 4 - 3+ 1 5 8 25?(lots!) 10-20

Weapons - two hand weapons; half the front rank can use 2 handed weapons instead

Special rules:
Bloodthirsly, fearsome, vengeful

Anyway, I was curious what other people thought. Would having such troops in CoE be 'game breaking' (I found them OK in WAB - to be honest they rarely earned their points back then, they either got shot to bits or swamped by ceorls who outnumbered them about 5 to one). But I digress...

Anyway, there it is. Have a good evening everybody.

All best,

Lord Alisk
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Re: I miss my ulfhednar...

Postby Mars Ultor » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:37 am

Lord Alisk,

I haven't yet played dark ages, but that sounds like a great start. Use them and get your opponent's feedback (and permission beforehand) - then adjust from there.

Mars Ultor
Mars Ultor
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