COE Etruscan state vs. Republican Rome

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COE Etruscan state vs. Republican Rome

Postby COEWargamerabbit » Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:15 pm

Late in December 2012 (local time 400 B.C.) the Etruscan army of King Mic met the Republican Rome army in battle. The Etruscan news service was present with their royal scribes and a junior video team. Their written report can be followed on ... ican-rome/

Lots of photos and some video to watch... I do wish that COE Forum would auto resize photos automatically like other sites. Then I can post photos without having to spend the time to resize all my game photos and post more often. Stuart.... a suggestion!

Etruscan new service YouTube video:
Part I: ... vH8vp6hSZA
Part II: ... vH8vp6hSZA
PartIII: ... vH8vp6hSZA

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