Other COE After Action reports

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Other COE After Action reports

Postby COEWargamerabbit » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:13 am

WR has posted several other AAR for Clash of Empires 25/28mm ancient gaming during the last year. Here are links to each COE report on Wargamerabbit:

Ancient Indian vs. Ancient Indian battle for Los Angeles rights... http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2012 ... an-battle/

Battle of Granicus 334 BC: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2012 ... us-334-bc/

Batavian Revolt 70 AD: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2012 ... olt-70-ad/

Battle of Megalopolis 331 BC: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2012 ... -b-c-game/

Spartan Revolt scenario: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2011 ... cedonians/

Greek City State vs. City State battle: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2011 ... te-greeks/

Late Greeks vs. Achaemenid Persians battle: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2011 ... d-persian/

Republican Rome vs. Seleucid battle (training game): http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/2011 ... ning-game/

As you can see above, we enjoy our ancient gaming in Southern California (Long Beach). All are welcome to contact WR on his blog information to inquire about the next monthly game.
Miniatures are not a requirement to join in. Just the ability to march miniatures, roll dice and learn the game over time.

Wargamerabbit main blog site: http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/gaming-warren/

Cheers again from the warren

Michael aka WR
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Re: Other COE After Action reports

Postby Stuart at GEG » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:57 pm

Those are proper armies!
Stuart at GEG
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