John Wesley Hardin Scenario

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John Wesley Hardin Scenario

Postby Hotrod » Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:27 am

John Wesley Hardin
Act 1: An Outlaw is Born!
The Cast : John Wesley Hardin versus three Union Soldiers, each with 6 Reputation points.

The Story So Far: The son of a Methodist preacher, Hardin’s propensity for violence started in 1867 with a schoolyard squabble where he stabbed another boy with the boy’s own knife. A year later when he was 15, after winning a wrestling match with his uncle’s former slave, the man "ambushed" him a day later as he rode past shouting at him and waving a stick. Hardin drew his revolver and shot him five times. Believing he could not get a fair hearing in the Union occupied state, Hardin went into hiding at his brother’s house 25 miles north of Sumpter, Texas. With the authorities discovering his location, three Union soldiers now attempt to arrest him.

The Set: A small farmhouse on a lane and additional small outbuildings as you may choose, appropriate for a small farm. Three Union soldiers or Cavalry ride up and will attempt to take Hardin prisoner. Hardin has been warned by his brother that they are coming to arrest him. Hardin will ambush them.

Directions: Whether walking or riding, the three Union soldiers must be 20 cm away from the closest building on the property, approaching straight down the lane or road until attacked. Hardin can wait in ambush in any building on the property he chooses, with either rifle or two pistols. A get-away horse is located anywhere on the property of Hardin’s choosing. Hardin will shoot his way out, attempting to kill as many soldiers as possible before escaping.

Action! Each side uses a full deck of 23 cards. Hardin gets three cards in his hand, the Union soldiers two cards in their hands. Deal initiative cards as normal for the Union soldiers, but Hardin gets two cards to choose his initiative from, discarding the unused card. Play begins with highest initiative card.

The End: If Hardin is able to shoot his way out by killing all three Union soldiers (which he claimed in his autobiography) he gains one card for his hand in the next act. If Hardin is killed he is considered wounded and surrenders immediately, the Union soldier player gaining one card for the next act. If Hard should escape without killing all three Union Soldiers then the act is a draw and no cards are gained by either side.

Act 2: Another Close Call!
The Cast : John Wesley Hardin, Simp Dixon; Union Soldiers or Cavalry up to 9 Reputation.

The Story So Far: Hardin knew he could not return home nor stay with his brother (or escapes from the soldiers who captured him in the prior act). As a fugitive, he traveled to Navarro County, Texas. He killed another man and briefly taught school in Pisgah. While there, he claimed he shot a man's eye out to win a bottle of whiskey in a bet. He also claimed that he and his cousin, "Simp" Dixon, encountered a group of soldiers in the Richland bottom who recognize and attempt to arrest them. We are staging this in a town instead.

The Set: A small town with the typical saloon, across the street from the general store. Hardin and Dixon are standing in front of the General Store. They have just purchased some supplies. Their two horses are nearby. The soldiers are just coming out of the saloon when one of them recognizes Hardin and calls that they are under arrest. Hardin and Dixon will attempt to get to their horses and ride away.

Directions: Hardin and Dixon will attempt to run to their horses and shoot their way out of town. The Union soldiers will try to stop them. Hardin or Dixon must wait at their horses until the other gets to his before they ride out of town. If either is killed the other will attempt to ride away.

Action! Each side uses a full deck of 23 cards. Both sides get two cards in their hand. In the first turn Hardin has initiative as if he was dealt an Ace; all other initiative cards are dealt as normal.

The End: If both Hardin and Dixon each kill a soldier before both get away (which actually happened) their player gains one card for next act and the act ends since the remaining soldiers ran away. If either Hardin or Dixon are killed they are considered wounded for the next Act and captured, the Union soldier player gains one card for the next act. If Hardin and Dixon simply escape or only one soldier is killed, the act is a draw.

Act 3: Death or Ride Another Day?
The Cast: John Wesley Hardin and Cowboys totaling 21 Reputation; a band of Vaqueros totaling 21 Reputation points.

The Story So Far: Hardin later got a job herding cattle on the Chisholm Trail, but the combination of his white-hot temper, a quick draw and his alcoholism resulted in his killing at least seven men along the way; when the herd arrived in Abilene, Kansas, he got in more gunfights, resulting in three more deaths. Hardin moved on and eventually got a job driving cattle on the Chisholm Trail to Abilene, Kansas in the summer of 1871. As they approached Abilene, a Mexican herd crowded in behind Hardin's and the two herds became intermingled. Hardin challenged the man in charge of the other herd, eventually shooting him in the thigh before a truce was declared and both groups separated. However, once in Abilene Hardin’s prodigious drinking and temper got the best of him. He found the Mexican and fatally shot him in the head. We now pick up the story as a firefight between the rival camps ensues.

The Set: A farm outside Abilene, Kansas, with a large corn field and cattle grazing beside it. The vacaros are to the west of the farm and cornfield where they set up camp and have been drinking. Hardin and the cowboys will approach from the east, looking for a fight.

Hardin and the cowboys will use the cornfield as cover. A boy has been chasing the cattle away from the cornfield. The vaqueros come forward to investigate the commotion from their cattle as Hardin recognizes them and starts shooting. If three or more Vaqueros are killed by the end of any turn they will break off the engagement and flee, leaving the cattle behind.

Action! Each side gets three cards per hand. Deal initiative cards as normal. Because the cornfield partially obscures the cowboys, treat it and any farm buildings as significant cover.

The End:
Vaqueros will retreat if three or more are killed at the end of any turn (which is what actually happened). If the Vaqueros kill Hardin or more than half of the cowboys, the Vaqueros win. If Hardin and the cowboys kill more than three Vaqueros they win. If only three vaqueros are killed it is a draw.

John Wesley Hardin Hit:5 Nerve:2+ Shoot: +1 HtH:+1 Rep:6 Notes: Desperadoes special rules apply; Never surprised; no penalty for moving targets
Simp Dixon, Cousin Hit:4 Nerve:3+ Shoot:0 HtH: 0 Rep:2
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