Card playing sequence and move declaration

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Card playing sequence and move declaration

Postby Greenhorn Cgra1 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:45 am

We played our first game last night at our local gaming club and thoroughly enjoyed it.
We have a couple of question about the rules that we could not seem to clear up so I am hoping someone can help.

Firstly, Card play sequence. In the Game we had a situation where my Outlaw was going to Shoot, Shoot, Shoot at an unfortunate Lawman in the open. I informed my opponent and as I did so I played my Ace (allowing the additional 3 shots) he then found a Jack that would change my actions to a duck back. The question is who should have played there card first, does my opponent wait until I have loaded up my guy with all the bells and whistles then make him stumble or do I give my opponent a period after declaring my actions to stop me at that point?

Secondly. Declaring actions. I intend to move, shoot, shoot. Do I have to state that I am going to move in a certain direction or distance ("I’m going to move here...) and do I have to state that I am going to shoot a specific target and if I kill the target with the first incredibly lucky shot do I get to fire again at another target?
Alternatively if I decide to Move, Move, Move do I need to say I’m going to move from this point to this point or can i decide where I will be moving to during the move actions, essentially changing my mind on the final position of the model? Can I declare a move action but not move? (We found that this helped if we were hiding in the buildings like the cowards we are we just stated that this model counts as moving 3 times)

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Re: Card playing sequence and move declaration

Postby TheGeneral » Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:49 am

I know that a long time is passed since this question, but none has answered and I have the same doubts...can someone answer please?
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