Braves with only a tomahawk

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Braves with only a tomahawk

Postby Skewiff » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:48 pm

I have read back some way, and nearly saw the answer in one post, but for clarity :

Does a Brave armed with only a tomahawk get a +1 for the gang rule ?
If I spend a Fame to purchase a Brave, does it really come with a pistol and not a tomahawk?

If I have 5 members of a gang, and 1 spend 1 fame, do I get 3 weapons , of my choice to equip on whomever I want?
When I spend to buy weapons, can I really buy all shotguns, with no restriction?
Can I purchase muskets and the buffalo gun freely using my 1 Fame?
Once purchased, weapons can be swapped between models between games at will?
If a model dies, this weapons are lost?

If I have 7th Cavalry, with a model bugler and a modelled NCO with carbines , which special rules are applicable in game?
Im confused about the benefits of the cavalry rule in a campaign using 7th C ? Do I spend 2 Fame total as per other gangs in order to get horses?
If I do , can I only use them in the 3rd scene in an act?
If I spend fame to purchase a trooper or amateur/rookie do they get pistols only?
Can I have a trooper with a 2 pistols and a carbine?
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