Battle for Breslau - First contact

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Battle for Breslau - First contact

Postby Magnus73 » Wed May 28, 2014 7:54 pm

Last night we played the first scenario in the Breslau-campaigne, First contact. It was probably one of the most intense games we have ever played. The soviets quickly grabbed two of the objective houses and the germans got four. But after taking great casualties in turn 5 the germans had to abandon one of the rearward houses to support their comrades in the ruined house in the middle of the battlefield. The germans reached it's Break-point in turn 6 but managed to get their stuff together for another turn, which led to another round of intense fighting around the ruined building in the centre. The germans managed the discipline test in turn 8 as well and got the soviets down to it's Break-point.
The fighting raged for yet another turn before the soviets, finally, in turn 10 had to break and retreat.
A great game with a lot of nerve wrecking moments for both sides.

An overview of the battle field
The soviet deployment zone
The german deployment zones
A soviet squad crosses the open street at the beginning of the game before the germans had set up positions
Soviet advancements
Germans in position to cover the street
The centre of the battlefield where the most intense fighting took place
A german squad in an ambush for the soviet scout car, they managed to place an AT-grenade on the vehicle but it only stunned the driver.
The german volksturm squads trying to defend the ruined building in the centre of the table.

A german victory this time
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Re: Battle for Breslau - First contact

Postby Mark at GEG » Thu May 29, 2014 8:27 am

Looks great, we found all the Breslau games really close during development, I think that the built up environment gives the Germans a lot more chance, otherwise Volkssturm forces tend to take a heavy beating in standard games.

I should know I have a huge Volkssturm army which gets panned every time it plays.

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