Battle of Heraclea

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Battle of Heraclea

Postby Mars Ultor » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:05 pm

For those of you who didn't see this yet, we played the Battle of Heraclea based on the WAB scenario by Jeff Jonas (online). The Roman army was the Camillan army, where the main differences are (1) no Velites, (2) Principes are armed with thrusting spears and we gave them 'offensive spearmen', and (3) there are supposed to be an equal number of Triarii (I had about 2:3 ratio Triarii to the other units). Whereas there is some disagreement about a consular vs. double consular Roman army, we split the difference, and it still made for a spectacular battle. We didn't need to look up too many rules and the game lasted 6 hours. During the fighting Pyrrhus was almost killed twice, once in HTH and once in javelin missile fire - I really like those rolls for characters during combat or missile fire.

Pics and some commentary are here: ... aclea.html

The leves skirmishers definitely suck, but that's what we were stuck with pre PWII. The Principes really rocked though and even broke a phalanx unit, whom they were pursuing at the end, though several of them also broke or panicked away.. Using the errata rules for pilum vs. phalanx makes the phalanx much more durable, and only one phalanx was ever disrupted by pila (which I think is much more realistic).

In the end it was a draw, which was better than history for the Romans, though the main thing that kept Roman order was Consul Laevinus slap in the middle while Pyrrhus was running around playing god on the flanks.

I still think that the Trained Phalanx is a bit too manouverable compared to the maniples, who (IMO) should probably move more like open order troops even though they're closed. But it was a great game, and we plan to do it again.
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