Persian Peltasts in the Late Persian Army list and Kardakes

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Persian Peltasts in the Late Persian Army list and Kardakes

Postby simon boulton » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:25 pm

Hello everyone, I've got a query about the late Persian army list, don't know if I'm missing something but there don't appear to be any Persian peltasts or Takabara as some were called. Why is that? Most army lists allow the Persian player a form of Persian light infantry. Have done a bit of reading and they are certainly mentioned in a couple of books on the Persian army. Could the Pheonecian Marines entry be used for them?

Also a question about the Kardakes. Now there seems to be only limited information on what these troops were. The COE army list classes them as spear armed closed order infantry. Jeff Jonas wrote a very interesting article on his website about the Kardakes and summarised the available evidence. His opinion is that they could have been peltasts or imitation hoplite style infantry (as in the COE Army List). Again, the Pheonecian Marine entry could cover them but I don't think they would be levies and may have been armed with both javelins and bows. ... rdakes.htm

Interested to hear what you guys think,
best wishes,
simon boulton
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Re: Persian Peltasts in the Late Persian Army list and Karda

Postby Stuart at GEG » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:45 am

Warren and Mike interpreted kardakes as did Arrian, although other views are possible.
‘First he posted some thirty thousand Greek mercenaries opposite the Macedonians’ phalanx. Then on either side of these, he posted nearly sixty thousand of the so-called Kardakes...’
(Arrian 2.8.6)

We did originally have a lot of the support and skirmish troops lumped together with options. We decided to separate them a bit into the existing units. I think there is a strong argument in having takabara with the same profile as mercenary peltasts but without the options and the mercenaries rule.
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